Beautiful Day/ Not-so-Beautiful Garden

Day one

Bulbs are peeking out of the ground. Leaves are unfurling. Sun is shining. Nice day to be in a garden. Even if said garden is looking a little worse for wear after a winter of neglect.

Here’s the thing, my garden never used to look like this. It looked neglected on occasion, of course. But it has gone off the rails. Saying it looks the way it does due to a winter of neglect is pretty much an outright lie.

Aside from the usual mess and mud typical for the month of March, my garden is… how shall I put this?… an unfathomable mess.

After years of planning for what were at first small changes, then larger amendments, then plans for growth, then bigger needs to rebuild, the whole place has finally hit rock bottom. Now I am faced with the joyous task of redesigning and resurrecting.

I remain hopeful. And I will keep you posted about how its going.