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A fave spring flower: Replete Narcissus

Spring flowers are the best. They are an invitation to enjoy sunnier skies and warming days. As some of the first flowers, daffodils and narcissus are a welcome addition to any spring event, whether appearing in large arrangements, groupings of blossoms, or charming bouquets.

One of my favorites is the graceful Replete narcissus. With creamy outer-petals and centers of peachy-yellow and pastel-apricot, they are beautiful on their own, in groupings with other daffodils & tulips, or as a feature flower in a bouquet. Replete also has sturdy stems and is a great choice for early season parties and events, typically blooming in our southern Illinois USDA hardiness zone 6b from late-March to early-April.

Featured images: 1) Akebono tulips with Replete narcissus – a gorgeous combination; 2) bunches of daffodils & narcissus including Replete, King Alfred, and Poeticus; 3) Replete narcissus with Apricot Beauty tulips.

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