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Daffodil Mode

The wait is over – daffodils & narcissus have started to bloom!

Daffodils are a harbinger of spring, heralding warmer weather and longer days. With their easy, perennial nature, daffodils are a must to include in any garden – plus they make a beautiful cut flower. What’s not to love?

While you might not be the biggest fan of classic daffodils – you know the ones with the large, bright yellow trumpets and petals – there are thousands of varieties available ( over 16,000! – not joking – which is pure craziness) in super springy colors ranging from white, to pale cream, to coral and apricot and all shades of yellow (pale, bright, and in-between). There are ruffled varieties, double varieties, tiny and delicate varieties, and large and sturdy varieties. Also, daffodils may be lightly scented, unscented, or strongly scented. With so many daffodils to choose from there is bound to be a daffodil for everyone. Currently we have almost 10,000 daffodil bulbs planted (9,345 give or take a few) in over 20 varieties and we try to add more each year.

A daffodil’s sunny disposition is enjoyable outside and in. As a cut flower, because they return year after year, daffodils can be a less expensive option for large or multiple arrangements. They are beautiful on their own or, with a little care, mixed with other flowers. They are a perfect choice for perfect spring arrangements.

Yellow Paradise Narcissus (this guy reminds me of a fluffy yellow gardenia when fully open)
Cassata Narcissus
Cassata Narcissus (and this guy reminds me of a tropical hibiscus)

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