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A diary of flowers & floral ideas

  • Daffodil Mode

    Daffodil Mode

    Daffodils have started blooming with abandon. With their seemingly endless variety and easy nature, they are gorgeous in large arrangements and, with care, mix beautifully with other cut flowers.

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  • A fave spring flower: Replete Narcissus

    A fave spring flower: Replete Narcissus

    Spring flowers are the best. They are an invitation to enjoy sunnier skies and warming days. As some of the first flowers, daffodils and narcissus are a welcome addition to any spring event, whether appearing in large arrangements, groupings of blossoms, or charming bouquets. One of my favorites is the graceful Replete narcissus. With creamy…

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  • Waiting for spring

    Waiting for spring

    The terrible cold in December did not harm these young ranunculus plants. They have been tucked under a frost blanket for weeks and should start blooming in March or April along with the daffodils and tulips. They are one of my favorite flowers, and as part of my ongoing garden improvement efforts, I have planted…

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